• Jordi J. Giménez

An overview to DAB+ services in Germany

Plenty of technical information in this post after some hours spent first installing a nice software to tune DAB+ (we will talk about it in another post) using an RTL2832U dongle and later scanning and capturing information of all the DAB+ services available in Munich. In my case I have a TrekStor DVB-T, DAB+, FM USB dongle.

We will have time another day to present the main characteristics of DAB+... in this post we will go direct to the point.

The DAB+ is the digital radio standard employed in Germany for the transmission of public and commercial radio stations and, as everything related to broadcasting in Germany the offer is of a high quality standard at least in terms of quality and features that are in use (sorry but if you would come to Spain to see the status of DAB+ you will be certainly scared or will directly cry).

The complete service offering available in Munich is made up of 1 multiplex with nationwide coverage (Bundesweit 5C), 1 multiplex with coverage in the state (Bayernweit 11D), a regional multiplex (Oberbayern/Schwaben 10A) and a local multiplex (München 11C).

With the emergence of OTT radio streaming, getting pictures (Slideshow) or traffic information associated to a radio station would not sound like a very novel feature but keep in mind that we are talking about a broadcast technology which started being developed in 1987! The accurate design of the service information signalling and data components is quite impressive, have a look.

The radio stations in the 4 ensembles available in Munich are shown below together with the some technical information about the audio stream as well as the available data (slides and traffic information) that is carried in the ensembles and displayed for the users.


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