• Jordi J. Giménez

Internet Link Services, a smart extension to the limits of DTT

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

Germany is a leading country in HbbTV development. As such, the features of the hybrid TV standard are present in the DTT platform, even beyond the traditional HbbTV portals (also present in many other countries and platforms).

Static image in the programmes offered under ILS. This caption is transmitted in the MPEG-TS stream once and all ISL channel show it. After a while and if the TV-set is equiped with HbbTV and internet connection, the service will be displayed

Although the ARD can offer many programs thanks to the combination of DVB-T2 and HEVC coding in many parts of Germany than using DVB-T and MPEG-2 or H.264, the complete range of programs is not available everywhere. The solution to this problem is the HbbTV standard, via the so-called Internet Link Services (ILS). This feature provides the ability to add additional programs to the channel list over the Internet without burdening the broadcast frequencies.

Stations that are transmitted via ILS appear in the regular program list and can be seen on the big screen like all other programs. If one of these programs is selected, it will be marked with a blackboard. After a short loading time the program starts via the internet connection of the TV-set.

ISL channels are available in the following editorial regions:

BR: WDR Television HD and the BR Mediathek (media library). HR: SR Fernsehen HD (Hessenweit), BR Fernsehen Süd HD and rbb Fernsehen HD (in Nordhessen and at the transmitter Rimberg), WDR Fernsehen HD, MDR Fernsehen HD (in Rhein-Main / Südhessen) and ARD-alpha HD.MDR: SWR TV BW HD and ARD-alpha HD. rbb: SR TV HD, ARD-alpha HD and RadioBerlin 88.8. SR: rbb HD, MDR Thuringia HD, ARD-alpha HD, SR Mediathek (media library) and the radio stations SR 1, SR 2, SR 3, UNSERDING and Antenne Saar. SWR: rbb television HD, SR television HD, MDR Thuringia HD, ARD-alpha HD, SWR media library (HbbTV library), SWR1 BW (visual radio), SWR1 RP (visual radio), SWR2 (visual radio), SWR3 (Visual Radio), SWR4 BW (Visual Radio), SWR4 RP (Visual Radio), SWR NEWS (Visual Radio), DAS DING (Visual Radio). WDR: BR TV HD, hr television HD, rbb television HD, SR television HD and ARD alpha HD as well as all radio programs of the WDR. Prerequisite for the reception is a TV or a set-top box for DVB-T2 HD reception, preferably with the official logo. In addition, the device must support the HbbTV standard version 1.5 as well as the video coding MPEG-DASH. MPEG-DASH supports adaptive adaptation of the amount of data to be transferred. This means the faster your internet connection, the better the picture. From about 3.5 Mbit per second in HD.


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